My Vision, helps MindValley go from Millions to Billions and gets VIshen his Billion Dollars to give away.
Repays the debt I owe to God.


My Vision in a Letter to Vishen

My Vision in a Letter to Vishen Lahkiani Owner of Mind Valley

Vishen, Scott Powell here. Coming out of LEFT FIELD.  Here to help you get this Billion Dollars you want to give away….FAST, just how you like, it.

I am a Recovering Person, May 22 1984 my life was spared, created a debt I MUST REPAY. Not bad for a 52 year old Dude, right?
My Recovery is God’s Gift to me, MY VISION is my Gift back to God and ALL his Kids. Will you help me Vishen repay my debt? I Owe, debt MUST BE REPAID.
MindValley, I hope you can see what I am laying out for you is a shift in global consciousness concerning MONEY. Plus, sharing with the World the new way they will learn for the next 30 years.
We are going to working together to shift the world from looking at money from a competitive action to a cooperative one.
We do THAT first, Global Poverty Vanishes and MindValley goes from Millions to Billions. Vishen’s Legacy. Change the MIND first, right Vishen?
Now get busy reading MY VISION and lets get busy!
Dear Vishen,
Scott Powell here FOLLOWING EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID……..Bending Reality! 
WAKE UP! Ending Global Poverty and Your Legacy are waiting. Allow me to help you take MindValley from Millions to Billions.
I am putting together an Academy Online. Need help! Asking for it! Right now the name is AIM-U. Awesome Internet Marketing Unlimited. AIM-U Cool name, huh? Just keep reading, gets WAY cooler!

Want to work with you and use your BRAIN and Heart and Contacts and Friends. Your Products in Curriculum. Then give you a greater platform to share your message with more of God’s kids. WAY more than 10 times better Vishen. Read on and see if you agree!
It will be a franchise opportunity, to kick things off.
I looked into Online Marketing. Found three factors and one shocking result.
1. Unlimited Traffic
2. Unlimited Products
3. Middlemen=NFOP
Results 95 to 97% failure of new people online making money. Man you guys SUCK!
I call this the NFOP, newbie failing online paradigm. Damn is that thing efficient.
When I looked at this like a structure I was shocked with Unlimited Traffic and Unlimited Products how anyone could fail 95 to 97%! That is an epic feat, considering the other two factors are Unlimited.
I figured the only solution has to be with the middlemen. Selling How To information to people who cannot or will not complete it seems to be a almost complete failure.
As an outsider this made no sense so I looked for the opportunity. Chinese thing and all. They define Crisis as Hidden Opportunity. I’d say 95 to 97% qualifies as a Crisis, wouldn’t you?
Well franchises as a business model succeed according to some sources as much as up to 94%.
I then added Effective Middlemen to the equation in the form of Franchisers. The light bulb went off. MY VISION:
1. Unlimited Traffic
2. Unlimited Products
3. Effective Middlemen= Unlimited Franchises   BOOM!!!   THE MISSING LINK!!!
I saw adding skin on the game and backend money and support, EVERYTHING CHANGES!
Ok franchisees at AIM-U sit down day one. All they do is two things. First hit button on their keyboard that says…get traffic.
The System is all designed by the best of the best of the Online marketing World. Bruchard,  Proctor, Gallagher, McGrath, Kern, Pagan, Walker, Lakhiani, and the like.
They create the system and the franchisees send out their daily traffic.
The next task for the franchisees after they get traffic, the tough part. They hit the send offers button. hehe
The offers are sent in a sales funnel created by the above team.
Now why would the Team want to join up? For starters to end the NFOP! End Global Poverty, create EPIC Level Legacies.
Well 20% of 1000 people’s efforts is more than 100% of ones own effort. Helping other people be successful feels good too, right? Helping others, serving others, isn’t that what this is all about? How about 20% of millions of franchisees? Isn’t this that Leverage thingy they talk about?
Hey Vishen, set up 100 Franchises that only goes to your 1 Billion! You might have to up your number my friend.
So the newbies make money day one! Less than an hour! Think this will grow????
Ok next hour is where you come in Vishen. See if we help people make money, you got to help them learn to be successful people. No Lottery Winner Syndrome allowed. Your calling right, helping people? See how I AM helping you? Or Could?
So one hour a day they go through your Cool Stuff. When we get through that you can share another program of yours with them. All of them actually! Every MindValley person with a product you are selling now and in the future gets as many programming hours a week they want. Why not???? Read on!
Now if you THINK about what I just shared with you global poverty is over and done with.
Slow down Stallion……THINK!
See if Unlimited Traffic and Unlimited Products are joined together with Effective Middlemen, result is Unlimited Franchises. 3 Billion new people coming onto the Internet in the next 3 to 5 years! Holy Cow!!!!!!!
Put them ANYWHERE in the world, they produce money, create AS many Franchisees as we can, and they all work because we cannot exhaust the supply, traffic and products. Can we???? Working together, can we exhaust Unlimited Traffic and Unlimited Products???? Lets add Unlimited Franchises!!!!!! You feeling me yet? Poverty vanishes. Thank you, thank you very much, much like sounding like Elvis I AM!!!! hehe
The whole system can easily be automated. All the Mentors need to is update it regularly. Small price to pay for becoming Billionaires and the Dudes responsible for ending Global Poverty. Plus they all have their own shows on our cool channel.
Now these Franchisees are in a Unique position. They have the BEST in the World of Online Marketers PUSHING them to succeed. The Dream Team if you will want their 20% of 1000 people lets say. Vishen make it 50% the first year, who in their right mind in the NFOP would not jump at the chance to have one of our franchises?
Actually lets say it was just one person….me. I am in a room, I got these Online Marketers I mentioned above, behind me. Just for kicks they are going to see how much money we can all make in a day as a goof. Thing is I am not goofy, I am looking for what will be the BLUEPRINT to complete everyday. Lets call it the ONE DAY TO UNLIMITED SUCCESS BLUEPRINT…..aka AIM-U    Awesome Internet Marketing-Unlimited!
Now we got three Unlimiteds, Traffic, Products, Franchises. Does not take a genius to figure out this cannot fail with the Faculty Mentors pushing the franchisees along to success.
Can you see how likely we are to succeed? How COULD we fail? How?  If we just did this once? Then just duplicate and multiply it with your guys know how and lists!!!! Boom!  THINK, IMAGINE……Ok works with one, NO POSSIBLE WAY FOR IT NOT TO, Right? Then I invite 9 other friends over the next day. We all succeed. We just do what I did the day before and the Dream Team still there to push us all along. They get 20%! They are working to get their 20% THROUGH us, they push us along. All AUTOMATED!
Well if this worked for 10 where I live. Where will it not work? It is based on the money coming through the Internet Connection, not brick and mortar businesses. No geographic limitations is a better way of expressing that.
Ok we play this out……if it works for 1 someplace… works for ALL, anyplace…that has an internet connection.
Plus remember, we got Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited Products, Effective Middlemen resulting in Unlimited Franchises. My Vision, Vishen!
If I was with you right now sitting with you I would ask you if you can see ANYPLACE on EARTH this will not work? I would stay with you until the light bulb went off. AIM-U Training Centers will work ANYPLACE on earth, the most economically depressed areas …..FIRST! I promise you take time to try and see where this WILL NOT WORK, YOU CANNOT!
We work together GLOBAL POVERTY VANISHES!!!!!!!!!!!  SEE IT?
See why the Dream Team wants to Mentor our franchisees? There will be MILLIONS….20% or 50% first year on all franchisees as a royalty, then 10% after 12 months cause the new folks need less help. NO MORE one time money for HOW TO info people cannot or will not be able to make work! Next up, RESIDUAL, ONGOING, LEVERAGED INCOME!!!!!!! Better!!!
Then I got to thinking again. This is a 2 hour work day! One hour getting traffic, sending offers. One hour Success Mindset Training. This leaves 22 hours left, plus the TEAM has one heck of a Distribution Network they just built for themselves. It is a beautiful sight in my head, let me tell ya. Part of Mentors job is create our own products for our distribution network to ah…..distribute! We make more selling our own products instead of others products right? Well create away and our Franchisees sell them! Everybody WINS!!! Yippppeeeee!!!!
Ok so we got our franchisees attention.  No hour of Success Mindset training, no more franchise. Captive audience for at least one hour, right? We got 22 hours more we could expand our AIM Channel. Who would like to AIM their message at our AIM-U Franchisees??? Eben Pagan? Brenden Bruchard? Bob Proctor??? Sandy Gallagher? Ted Mcgrath? Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, those wonderful people at Mind Valley?  Mostly Vishen himself!!!! OM!!!
Yeah I figure with these franchises growing and everybody making money being pushed by the Team of Mentors, folks would like the chance to share with my franchisees. So sell them an hour or two or twelve every week.
So I am writing you Vishen cause I want to help you sell as much of Vishen’s Cool Stuff as humanly possible.
I got mine, want to help others get theirs, millions of others. You want that too? Help me! Join me!
This COOL STUFF has helped me so much I want to help others get the benefits of what you do Vishen.
Vishen when you get this if you would call me I would be I would be most appreciative.
Would love to get AIM-U set up soon so we can start sharing AIM-U and Cool MindValley’s Cool Stuff with the World. They really need what we can share working together. Just imagine we end global poverty to boot. AIM-U Franchises work anywhere there is an internet connection, right? I WOULD love to revive Detroit FIRST! Wouldn’t that be cool?
Let me hear from you Vishen.
Vishen at some point need to share with you what else I am going to do. Could use your help here as well. Share with the world their new way to learn in the Bimodal Learning Center. What Khan Academy is doing is great. Better is if we set up a Bimodal Center people can add to everyday so they can listen and read the whole Library. Members can search to find a Bimodal formatted lesson on any subject we have. How long you think it would take before our Library was bigger than Khan’s? Cha-ching!!! Quite a Library if you really see what I just described. Just do what Khan does, proven, Bill Gates already gave Khan 150 Million. Get a sharing growing Library, charge a monthly fee for access, speech enable the thing! Whew, who would not want to be a part of that? Diamandis says HOW TO, not content is the game breaker in learning over the next 30 years. Lets set up an open source vehicle for ALL text people want to add to and share and speech enable the site. Pretty cool, huh? Ah, 7 billion, ALL going to be learning with sight and sound. Why not at our Bimodal Learning Center?
Last I have a blog, Movement to Better, so far one comment mine! Could even use help making it better. I ain’t much of a blogger! I could post this note there and maybe you could help me by sending people there to look? Any help man. I got a Glorious Vision and a cannot fail plan. I need help sharing my Gift to God’s other kids. Vishen will you help me with my Vision? Will you help me help God’s other kids? Isn’t that what you are all about?
Scott Powell
Effectiveness Activator